WebSphere Commerce and Solr Search Statistics

In V7 of WebSphere Commerce you get some great integration with Solr, with configuration and management being driven through the Management Centre business tooling.  One aspect you can then see are the top search hits and top search misses reports for how Solr is performing on the site, and then make the appropriate adjustments to your configuration.  You could also be using this alongside your analytic reports.

However before you get any access to the reports you first need to enable the capture of the Solr search statistics data that will drive them.  Given at the moment the pages don’t link very well together in the InfoCentre even though all the data is there, what you must do first is update your configuration to capture the data from search.  Even in the dev environment this is not enabled by default and without it the reports will not work and you will get no results.

Updated November 2014 – Be aware that if you move from a previous release to FEP7 or FEP8 you will need to move the configuration changes you have in the component.xml file.  This is because the location of the file has moved into the search app rather than the commerce app. If you don’t make these changes you will not be capturing any results.

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